1) Are the Velospring grips suitable for every handlebar?
The sen grips are suitable for all types of handlebars. Exception: racing handlebars. Just make sure that the inner diameter of the handlebar is compatible, see answer 5). sen comfort bicycle handles are also available as handle + handlebar combination, see in the shop “sen comfort sprung + handlebar”.
2) What do I have to consider regarding the handlebar width?
Due to the Velospring wooden handles or the material thickness of 5 cm per handle, your handlebars will then be a total of 10 cm wider. If you want to keep the usual handlebar width, shorten the existing handlebar (see YouTube film assembly tutorial under “all about the product”).
3) How do I find the ideal handlebar width?
Both the handlebar width and the backsweep are very individual depending on the shoulder width. Take both grips in your hands and extend your arms as you would like to hold the handlebar when cycling. This way you can immediately see the most comfortable width and angle. Measure your ideal handlebar width using a metre rule: handle outside left to handle outside edge right, minus 10 cm material thickness, that is your handlebar length. If a shortening of the existing handlebar is recommended, please follow the instructions (see YouTube Film Montage Tutorial under “all about the product”). Alternatively, order a handlebar in the exact width you need from your dealer.
4) I have a twist grip shift, does a Velospring handle fit?
Velospring grips are also available for twist grip gears, namely for left, right and double sided twist grip gears.
The wood of these handles is slightly shortened to leave room for the twist grip gearshift. When ordering in the shop, select the handles “shortened for twist grip shift…”.
5) Does the attachment of the handles fit metal core in the cavity of each handlebar?
All bicycle handlebars have a standardized outside diameter, only the inside diameter differs. Velospring grips fit all handlebars with an inner diameter of 18 – 19.6 mm, for inner diameters up to at least 16.8 mm we offer the “Mounting Set 16.8”.
Should your handlebar not be compatible: The sen comfort bicycle handles are also available as handle + handlebar combination, see in the shop “sen comfort sprung + handlebar”.
6) Can I assemble sen handles myself?
In the supplied assembly instructions you will find a list of all individual parts, step-by-step instructions for assembly, important information and tips regarding care and technology.
7) Are the handles also suitable for children’s bicycles?
No. Unfortunately, the handles are not suitable for children’s bicycles, as handles for children’s bicycles must have a large external knob.
8) Do the handles of each pair of handles have a matching grain?
The walnut wood is carefully selected for each Velospring handle and only pairs of handles with very similar grain types are used. Naturally, an identical grain for two handles is not possible, but a harmonious appearance is achieved. The natural individual grain makes the handles look lively and attractive. Unique! 9) Is the N
9) Is walnut sensitive to rain?
Walnut is very robust and insensitive. The treatment of the finest sanded surface with natural oil additionally protects against moisture and keeps the wood colour alive. See also > Weatherproof
10) Is the wood surface easy to clean?
Use it more often instead of maintaining it often! The more often you use the handle or your bike, the more beautiful the wood surface remains. This is caused by the hand surface, which constantly but imperceptibly smoothes and re-greases the wood fibres. Velospring offers a “care set” for refreshing the wood surface in all cases. Apply it according to your personal feeling. The set contains a fine sanding pad and a bottle of natural oil. A few drops are enough.
11) Are scratches or small dents in the wood repairable?
The walnut wood is robust and not sensitive to mechanical damage. However, scratches or dents could be sanded down and with a drop of natural oil, the damaged area will adapt to the rest of the beautiful surface. A “care set” with grinding pad and natural oil is. In most cases, water can also compensate for small dents or quirks, which can occur, for example, when the wheel falls over – the next heavy rain will show this.
Please note a broken one due to an accident: A handle that has broken due to an accident must be replaced, as gluing the wood only provides a short-term remedy. Please contact your dealer. Give him the broken handle so that a replacement handle with a corresponding grain can be found.
12) Where can I get spare parts for the Velospring handles?
Spare parts such as wooden handles or others are available from Velospring dealers or directly from Velospring. If possible, keep the Ser

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