THE bicycle handle.

Excellent functionality crowned by noble design in walnut wood.


Unique handle technology
Sustainable Production

sen comfort – with suspension…


– VSF..all ride quality seal, category BEST DAMPING 2016
To the VSF video (4:56 min.) on Youtube (german)

– ISPO BrandNewAward 2015

– Eurobike Green Award 2014

sen comfort – spring-loaded bicycle handles

Maximum comfort – THE bicycle handle
ergonomic, noble and robust

Unevenness on roads and paths is often a strain on the wrists. The sen comfort handles are able to absorb shocks caused by uneven road surfaces thanks to an internal spring element. This means that these forces can no longer be transmitted to the arms and shoulders. The wrists are relieved.

Patented and awarded.

Suitable for all handlebars & grips. Also suitable for twist grip gears on the right, left or both sides.

Made of walnut wood. Oiled. Polished.

Noble walnut wood – unmissable and tangible

“Hello, dear Velospring Team,

Enclosed I would like to share my experiences with the Sen Comfort grips. Meanwhile I have covered a good 3000 km with the above mentioned handles in summer 2015. I am simply enthusiastic about these spring-loaded Sen Comfort grips. On nearly all road surfaces as well as forest and field paths the “pieces of wood” have brought me great relief, because despite my stiffened right wrist I enjoy cycling again. I am just happy and satisfied. They lie very well in the hand and have a convincing spring travel!
After a test ride with my bicycle, a very good friend of mine, a bicycle dealer in Cuxhaven, added the Sen Comfort grips to his program! I say thank you again and wish you all a successful year; and that many customers will enjoy these noble “pieces of wood”.

Best regards from the Wurster North Sea coast, Klaus Haupt”.

Translated Version (Original in German)

“A shock absorption that is gentle on the wrist and fatigue-free riding are important advances for many cyclists. And the combination of ergonomic grip surface and spring obviously works wonders for your health. In any case, there are bikers who were almost no longer able to ride a bicycle without pain, who suddenly rave about a whole new riding experience.”

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Translated (Original in German)

“The grips protrude 5 cm on both sides and should therefore be shortened by 10 cm. Velospring offers its wooden handles spring-loaded (sen comfort) and unsprung (sen pur). We found both the shape of the sen comfort and its suspension very convincing. Expensive, but the price is reasonable.”

Read the pdf (german)

Translated (Original in German)
  • Der Weg der Walnuss

    Die Geschichte von der Walnuss bis zum Velospring sen comfort – Griff. Machen Sie sich ein Bild von unserer Produktion.

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velospring – the idea

No other material is as sensual as wood. Natural and flattering to the touch, individual due to its grain. To transfer this value to the bicycle was an attractive idea – velospring has realised this idea.

The innovative integrated velospring suspension achieves a considerable increase in comfort – clearly noticeable: the suspension relieves the strain on the wrists.

Klaus Mildenberger –

Carpenter, furniture designer & passionate cyclist in Munich

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