velospring bicycle handles

sen comfort.
sen pur.
Made of walnut wood.

Wood stands for pure beauty, noble appearance, sensual feel and naturalness. The lively grain of the domestic walnut wood makes each pair of handles so special and individual.

The finest polish and natural oil ensure a permanently beautiful, velvety surface. Even in cold weather, the walnut handles feel pleasantly warm.

sen comfort – with integrated suspension.
sen pur – beautiful even without suspension.


Wooden handles sen comfort and sen pure (sectional view).
Symbol Scissors: Here it is shortened for twist grip shifts


Mounting adapter


Stainless steel torsion spring


Stainless steel screw


Aluminium sleeve


Nut, aluminium ring


Plastic rings for prestressing


For the best fit in the inner tube of the handlebar: plastic rings and plastic tube between rubber sleeves


Special screw with Torx drive


sen comfort spring element complete, with special screw (stainless steel)


Teflon tapes for handlebar


Mounting element sen pur (unsprung)


sen comfort extra: extra thin spring sleeve with Ø 16.8 mm

sen comfort. Spare your wrist.

Maximum comfort – THE bicycle handle

Unevenness on roads and paths is often a strain on the wrists. The sen comfort handles are able to absorb shocks caused by uneven road surfaces thanks to an internal spring element. This means that these forces can no longer be transmitted to the arms and shoulders. The wrists are relieved.


Suitable for all handlebars & grips. Also suitable for twist grip gears on the right, left or both sides.
For all body sizes and weights as well as for various terrain conditions.

Made of walnut wood. Oiled. Polished.

199,- Euro incl. VAT.

Multiple awards:


– VSF..all ride quality seal, category BEST DAMPING 2016
To the VSF video (4:56 min.) on Youtube

– ISPO Brandnew Award 2015

– Eurobike Green Award 2014

sen pur – pure aesthetics. Without suspension.

sen pure bicycle handles make every beautiful bike individual.

Sen pur – bicycle handles are unsprung. They convince by their hand flattering form and offer an outstanding velvety feel. Individuality per se – always a unique wood grain.

Made of walnut, unsprung. Oiled. Polished.

Suitable for all handlebars & grips. Also suitable for twist grip gears on the right, left or both sides.

149,- Euro incl. VAT.


Rain and sun, snow and ice do not bother the walnut handles when used regularly. The hand “polishes”, therefore frequent cycling is the best care!

The sen handles are polished as smooth as possible in many work processes and treated with natural oil, which provides a secure protection for the surface. Walnut is known for its amazing robustness and offers a velvety smoothness even after years of use.

For very rarely used bicycle handles that are constantly exposed to the weather, velospring offers a care set for all cases. This makes it easy to refresh the surface.

Instructions on how to refresh the handles in the tutorial videos.

Renewable raw material – domestic wood

The walnut wood for the velospring-bicycle handles comes from southern Germany near Freiburg. The region endeavours to increase the proportion of walnut trees through increased replanting.

Walnut – Beautiful and noble. Our most valuable native wood. Walnut wood is ideally suited for processing in this quality.

Sustainable and fair production

Velospring stands for sustainable materials and production with short distances: Fair domestically produced parts, long transport distances are eliminated. Velospring received the Eurobike Green Award for its overall concept.

The partner company Jonny B in Sulzburg-Laufen carefully selects suitable pieces of wood: for interesting wood grain, but also to rule out defects such as cracks or knots.

Careful processing – fair employment

The complete surface treatment is carried out in Hohenfried by people with disabilities in loving and elaborate manual work – you can see these steps in our little film: “The walnut path“.

Very easy to assemble yourself – with our tutorial videos and assembly instructions

Assembly video for the Velospring bicycle handles

Assembly video for bicycle shops

If the handles are mounted frequently, the additional tools shown in this video can be used to install them safely and quickly.

Handlebar replacement


Care instructions for Velospring bicycle handles

Dent, scratches ? – No problem!

Assembly instructions sen comfort / sen pur


More open questions?

Do the handles fit on my handlebars?

Can I install the grips myself?

Maybe many things can be clarified in advance – in our FAQs!